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Musée du savon de Marseille Marius Fabre

A traditional Provençal craft

Learn more about the fascinating history of soap in Provence on the premises of a traditional working soap factory.

Boxwood soap stamps, the first soap presses, advertising posters… The Marseille Soap Museum in pictures.

From the Alpilles and the Luberon to the Camargue, take a journey to the soul of Provence!

Opening times, how to get here…the easy way to prepare for your visit to the Marseille Soap Museum.

The Marseille Soap Museum is located within the Marius Fabre soap factory, a traditional factory that has been in operation since 1900. In this place steeped in history, you’ll discover all the manufacturing secrets of the famous Marseille soap cubes.

Marseille soap: a tradition of expert craftsmanship in Marseille and Salon-de-Provence

Discover the Provençal aromas of real Marseille Soap, one of Provence’s most iconic, natural and timeless products. The Marseille Soap Museum retraces the history of soap in Provence, which began in the Middle Ages and has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

Histoire savon de Marseille : boite, tampons - Musée

The museum will shine a light upon the work and the expertise of traditional soap-makers. Period tools, boxwood soap stamps, the first soap presses, washboards – all bear testament to how the Marseille soap manufacturing process has changed over time.

You’ll find out more about the values, the know-how and the traditional skills that were handed down to generation after generation of master soap-makers with a view to ensuring this product lost nothing of its authenticity. The Marseille Soap Museum, a powerful symbol of the region’s craft heritage, is an absolute must-see during your stay in Provence, whether you’re based in the area around Salon-de-Provence, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence or Avignon!

Tampons en buis- Musée du Savon de Marseille

Visit the Marseille Soap Museum

There is no entry fee for individual visitors to the Marseille Soap Museum in Salon-de-Provence. A visit to the museum, whether you’re coming as a family group, with your partner or with a group of friends; on holiday or during the weekend (the museum is open on Saturday), is a chance to experience something of what it would have been like to be in a real, working factory producing Marseille Soap the traditional way. It will delight young and old alike, revealing all the secrets of a soap that’s lovingly crafted the natural way.

Musée du savon de Marseille - Marius Fabre - Salon-de-Provence

You can round off this visit by touring the Marius Fabre soap factory and its production workshops, not to forget the shop, redolent with a thousand different scents.

The opening times of the Marseille Soap Museum

The opening times of the Marseille Soap Museum vary according to the time of year. More detailed information on opening times is available on the « Practical information » page.


148, avenue Paul Bourret

13300 Salon de Provence


Free entry

(please contact us if visiting as part of a group)